Incepted years ago in this domain, we are leading manufacturer and supplier of ETO Sterilization which is widely used to sterilize hospital instruments. We are engaged in manufacturing huge range of product which is a low temperature gaseous process that are widely used to sterilize a variety of healthcare products, such as single-use medical devices. Krishna Engineering offers you with safe, reliable and cost effective Ethylene Oxide treatment from conveniently located facilities to standards comparable with the best in the world. The offered ETO Sterilizers are examined before it is delivered to the customers in order to make sure its quality. Besides the offered products are designed at our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit under the direction of our trained professionals by utilizing the best quality basic material and leading technology. Our customers can avail these Product’s at the most affordable prices.

At Krishna engineering you will find unique solutions for precise requirements of ETO sterilization. We are highly engaged in building the efficacy of superior grade ETO sterilizers in India. For the great supplies all across the globe we are considered as superior exporters. Our highly efficient ETO sterilizers are efficient to remove large quantities of infectious agents. We have used modern technologies and equipments while manufacturing the top-grade sterilizers for your conservational requirements. We never compromise in the quality standard of the products. It is the result of stringent supervisions made by experts. ETO sterilizers by Krishna engineering have stood essential quality standards maintained by the industries.

Our ETO sterilizers are available in a wide range as per various industrial requirements. We provide ETO sterilizers even to the remotest areas of India. So, that everyone can ripe the fruits of ETO sterilizers to a great extent. We offer the broad range of ETO sterilizers at very cost efficient rates. Our product has wear resistance properties. It is made with robust construction and ensures stable performances throughout its service life. These ETO’s are having duty structure great to resist heavy work load. The broad range of ETO’s has maintenance cost and rigid structure. Owing to 20+ years in the ETO sterilizers manufacturing we’ve gained edge-worth knowledge in ETOs as per the current trends prevailing in the market. We’ve gained knowledge for the upcoming changes and demands as per trends. Therefore, we have designed ETO sterilizers as per latest trends and demands prevailing in the market. We are highly prioritized for supplying superior grade ETO sterilizers at leading prices and in an assured time frame given by clients. We can customize the broad range of ETOs as per your industrial requirements in varying sizes and shapes.


The processing of Ethylene Oxide takes place in four primary variables such as Gas Concentration, Humidity, Temperature, Time. Ethylene Oxide is low temperature gaseous processes that are extensively used to sterilize a range of healthcare products, such as single-use medical devices. EO is an alkylating agent that disrupts cellular metabolism and reproductive processes of microorganisms. Through the use of a vacuum-based process, EO sterilization can proficiently go through surfaces of most medical devices and its lower temperature makes it an ideal process for a wide variety of materials.

EO penetrates breathable packaging, making contact with all accessible surfaces of the product to deliver the required sterility assurance level (SAL). Ethylene oxide is a very efficient sterilizing agent. It is a bactericide, a sporicide and a viricide. It has a very favorable diffusion coefficient and can be used for thermo-sensitive or very delicate materials. Generally sterilization with ethylene oxide in the pharmaceutical industry has been restricted given the risk it entails due to its high mutagenic and carcinogenic properties. GMP’s specify that this type of sterilization should only be used when there is no alternative sterilization technology.

ETO Sterilization is recognized technology with excellent history and high reliability with Environment considerations. We are taking the utmost care while manufacturing the ETO Sterilization which is made with strict emissions requirements. Further no depleted radiological waste to contend with the effect of radiation on product or packaging materials is sometimes prohibitive effect of radiation on drugs may be problematic.
Having years of industrial experience in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, and supplement to sterilization industry, we are manufacture Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer, Propylene Oxide Sterilizer, Steam and Dry Heat Sterilizers, and Vacuum Drying Chambers.

Applications of ETO sterilizers:

ETO sterilizers are highly used in major ventures where critical items (and sometimes semi critical items) that are prone to heat or moisture cannot be sterilized by steam sterilization. ETO sterilizers are highly preferred in medical units to keep medical devices safe from infectious agents. ETO sterilizers are made from ethyl oxide gas. They are used in the gas form; it is mixed with CO2 and steam before application. It is a flammable and explosive gas which consists of four basic norms that is considered before application these are: gas concentration, temperature, relative humidity, and exposure time. The basic norms are effective for ETO sterilization any increase or decrease in these norms reduces the time necessary for achieving sterilization.

Who are we and what do we do?

Krishna engineering leads the market for supplying best quality ETOs all round the globe since 20 years. We never leave the chance of disappointment for our valuable clients. Our highly efficient staff is working 24/7 to bring excellence in our services for our valuable clients. When you have confusion regarding ETO sterilizers; leave it to us. We will provide unique solutions to your ETO requirements to a great extent. We are famous industrial ETO sterilizer’s manufacturer in India, industrial ETO sterilizer exporter in India, and industrial ETO sterilizer supplier in India.

What is the need of ETO sterilizers?

High grade ETO sterilizers have become an essential source today it is an excellent technology which prevents several microbes present in environment without causing any harm to the environment. It is energy efficient, needs less maintained. With the techno advance features added by Krishna engineering it has become the vital source in various industrial and commercial sectors where organic impurities are a major concern. It is the most reliable and effective technology used today. 

What is ETO sterilization process?

ETO sterilization process involves several steps in which there are three basic steps these are:

  • Preconditioning: it is a necessary step taken before sterilization process, which prepares products or devices ahead of sterilization and save precious time inside the sterilizer, it enhances the penetration of ethylene oxide into the product and packaging units.
  • Sterilization: it keeps medical devices and units safe from microbial infections. It removes microbes present on medical devices and other units without causing any harm to the device
  • Aeration: it is that part of the process which keeps ethylene oxide and its reaction products desorbed from the medical device until predetermined levels are reached. This process takes place within the chamber or may be in a separate chamber.

Range of Hot Ducts Flourished by Krishna Engineering

  • ETO Sterilizer
  • Food Sterilizer
  • Fumigation Chamber
  • Herbal Steam Sterilizer
  • High Pressure Steam Sterilizer
  • Horizontal Steam Sterilizer
  • Hospital Steam Sterilizer
  • Instrument Steam Sterilizer
  • Pharma Autoclave
  • Pharma Steam Sterilizers
  • Retort Machine
  • Ribbon Blender
  • Continuous Steam
  • Medical Autoclave
  • Industrial Retort
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