ETO Sterilizer
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We are manufacturing Horizontal Steam Sterilizer which are smart investment for hospital and laboratories, where large volume of sterilization is required. Our sterilizers are designed ergonomically, and the range of the high pressure horizontal autoclave sterilizers are ideal for academic facilities, biotech industries, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals research centers and food and beverage industries. These products are efficiently meet the stringent sterilization requirements and well suited for sterilizing hospital dressings and surgical instruments, rubber and plastic goods, glassware and utensils etc. Our offered horizontal steam sterilizer units are highly satisfactory performance and competitive price guarantee.

Features of Hospital Steam Sterilizer

  • Sophisticated process technology for reduced water utilization and fast cycles
  • Comprehensive door seal life systems due to high precision milled sealing slot
  • Low-noise vacuum pump, integrated steam generator, and stainless steel piping with minimal flange connections
  • Easy and large-area service access
  • Network-compatible for complete data traceability of all process-relevant data
  • Patented status display with LED technology allowing visibility from afar

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