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Industrial ETO Sterilizers
ETO Sterilizers Supplier

ETO Sterilizers Supplier

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ETO Sterilizer

The offered ETO sterilizer uses the Ethylene Oxide as the principal content to terminate all forms of microbial life, incorporating fungi, bacteria, virus, spore form left during production or packaging processes. This ETO sterilizer is manufactured under the strict quality control following industry set regulations and the accreditation from the cGMP, GAMP and FDA bodies is the evidence of its high quality standards. The effective sterilization ability of this ETO sterilizer ensures that a safe and sterile product convey to the market each and every time. This ETO sterilizer is best suited for the disposable plastic products and other metal that are not possible to sterilize by means of the steam sterilization and hence is extensively used in the hospitals to effectively and efficiently sterilize medical equipment.

Herbal Steam Sterilizer

There are industries seeking for the nontoxic sterilizer for their objective for them the introduced herbal steam sterilizer can be the elite approach. Designed and manufactured with the utmost precision in order to bring forth the exceptional quality range of the herbal steam sterilizer that can effectively kills the germs and deliver a sterile product range. The high temperature of the steam (134° C, 160°C, 180°C) kills the bacteria and pathogens effectively and delivers thoroughly sterilized end product and is does not require any type of toxic agents making it completely herbal. This herbal steam sterilizer is made from the SS material and also holds accreditation from the cGMP, GAMP and FDA, exudes its highest safety and reliability side, available in the broadest gamut at best rates.

High Pressure Sterilizer

The offered high pressure sterilizer is aimed to achieve kill bacteria and other pathogens by applying high pressure, which is well established technology in the market for its non toxic nature and efficient outputs. The chamber of this high pressure sterilizer is made from a considerably thick and non magnetic steel of 304/316 quality, whilst the jacket is fabricated of rolled steel, making it a truly sturdy and long lasting approach for your sterilization need. The auto pressure control device is equipped to maintain the pressure level in this system, whereas automatic vacuum fitted with drum chamber for regular exhaust of vacuum. The effective sterilization in just a fraction of minutes has made this high pressure sterilizer a time saving  and affordable way to sterilize medical and pharma products.

Horizontal steam Sterilizer

There is a huge group of the industries which seek for the horizontal steam sterilizer and owing the call for thereof, we have developed a contemporary range of the horizontal steam sterilizer to best fit with the specifications of the biotech industries, pharmaceutical units, hospitals, food industries, beverage industries, research centers. The offered horizontal steam sterilizer is an autoclave type of the sterilizer, wherein the sterilization of the respective surgical instruments, glassware, and utensil is carried out by high temperature steam. The considerably high temperatures of this sterilizer effectively kill all types of bacteria and pathogens and thusly provide completely germ free products. The high efficiency and accuracy are the two major attractions of this horizontal steam sterilizer that has made it praised in the assorted industries after application, customization of this system is available upon request.

Hospital Steam Sterilizer

The high level sanitation has become obligatory in hospital in order to prevent the infectious diseases caused by the improperly sterilized medical equipment. The offered hospital steam sterilizer is designed to meet the reliable sterilization of the variegated medical equipment extensively being used in the laboratories, surgery centers, processing departments, medical clinics, where high volume sterilization is common. This steam sterilizer is manufactured using 304 stainless steel material in order to ensure the highest level of the corrosion resistance and improve the highest level of sterilization, meeting all the international quality standards to the farthest. The rounded chamber and coiled jacked type of construction helps us reduce the manufacturing cost and propose at the affordable rates in the market.

 Instrument steam Sterilizer

The instrument sterilization is essential in order to prevent injuries and cross contamination and hence we are here with the far reaching range of the instrument steam sterilizer, a sterilizer that is manufactured under the strict watch of the quality team in order to obtain the highest quality standards steam sterilizer that meets all ISO, cGMP, GMP quality standards. This instrument steam sterilizer is heated to the significant temperature that helps kill bacteria and all living microorganisms thoroughly. Horizontal and vertical instrument steam sterilizers are the two types of our sterilizer in order to make it appropriate for any type of sterilizer specification. The 100% sterilization of any type of instrument is guaranteed and is what has made it the popular all across.

Hospital ETO Sterilizer

There is a huge catalogue of the hospital equipment that requires low temperature sterilization and to meet the need of thereof hospital ETO sterilizer is the best approach. This hospital ETO sterilizer uses ethylene oxide gas to kill all types of microbial bacteria and deliver a completely germs free range of the hospital tool. The ETO gas is toxic and, while the bacteria or other pathogen come across, immediately destroy and hence you get 99% sterilized end product. The certain amount of the ethylene oxide is combined with other substance in the sterilization process, which is mainly a three step process incorporating preconditioning, sterilization and aeration. To make this hospital ETO sterilizer effective, utmost attention to the ISO, GMP and cGMP standards is paid, whilst tested thoroughly to ensure its flawless sterilization operation all through, available in an extensive array of the dimensions at the best rates.

Pharmaceutical ETO Sterilizers

The high level of hygiene in the pharmaceutical is apparent and to help maintaining thereof, we have developed a cutting edge range of the pharmaceutical ETO sterilizer. The sturdier 304 SS construction and ingenious configuration makes it the effective way to sterilize different pharma equipment in a most effective manner. This pharmaceutical ETO sterilizer destroys pathogens, bacteria and other unlikely microbial bacteria by means of ethylene oxide gas. As this is a low temperature sterilization process, is best suited for the equipment those cannot endure high temperature of the steam sterilizer process. Cost effective and absolute sterilization are the two chief attractions of this pharmaceutical ETO sterilizer, making it renowned all across.

Dry Heat Sterilizer

There are several industries which use dry heat sterilization technique to accomplish the sterilization of the respective equipment and to meet the need of thereof, we have presented the top of the line dry heat sterilizer; where in the dry heat is used to sterilize respective object. This dry heat sterilizer is equipped with the electric resistor and is separated by means of the panel for the temp control. The dry heat produced by this sterilizer penetrates across the container, no matter closed or open and kills all the bacteria and other pathogens within a shortest period of time. The entire body of this dry heat sterilizer is made from the 304 SS material, whereas doors are made from the silicon gasket in order to ensure leak free operations all through. This dry heat sterilizer is automatically operations, which we have made available in the assorted dimensions to suit individual’s need to the farthest.

Surgical ETO Sterilizer

The sterilization of the surgical instrument is paramount in order to prevent the diseases caused by the improper cleaning of thereof. The offered surgical ETO sterilizer is configured to meet the sterilization requirement of the different surgical bodies. This surgical ETO sterilizer is made from the quality tested 304 SS material and is cGMP, GMP and ISO compliant and thereby promises for the best results in the shortest period of time that increases your sterilization speed and decreases the risk of the diseases. The ETO gas used in this sterilizer is effective against all types of bacteria and hence is assuring 100% sterilization of the all surgical instruments in the shortest period of time, which we provide in extensive parameters at the lowest possible rate.

Single Door ETO Sterilizer

To meet the miscellany need of the assorted medical and pharmaceutical specification, we are here with the single door ETO sterilizer, made to last forever and perform unbeatably. The single door design made it the safe and simple alternative carry off sterilization of the manifold medical tools, has proven to be a best seller in laboratory, clinics, research center for sterilization. This single door ETO sterilizer is an outcome of our efforts and epitome of excellence that delivers accurate sterilization of the different medical instrument within a shortest period of time. The high efficiency and low cost sterilization attribute of this single door ETO sterilizer has made it the excellent choice among the users all across.

Pilot Scale ETO Sterilizer

Owing the small scale requirement of the different segments, we have manufactured an unrivalled quality range of the ETO sterilizer that is known as a pilot scale ETO sterilizer in the market. The construction of this sterilizer is carried out using the SS 304 material and following international quality standards, making it robust and reliable way to accomplish small scale sterilization operations, which are common especially in the laboratories. The outstanding performance and ability to thoroughly kill all types of germs and bacteria by means of very small amounts of ethylene oxide have made this sterilizer a favored alternative in the laboratories to bring off sterilization abreast meeting sterilization standards. Different size options for this pilot scale ETO sterilizer are available upon request.

Sliding Door ETO Sterilizer

We believe in providing one stop solution for any sterilization requirement, and that is apparent from our far reaching variety of the sliding door ETO sterilizer. This sterilizer is designed to kill living microorganism using ethylene oxide gas, mixed with other gas in order to attain detailed sterilization of the every surgical and medical instrument. The entire construction is accomplished international quality standards and inputting SS 304 material to bestow the second to none quality ETO sterilizer that performs unfailingly and outstandingly all through. Besides that, the sliding door design helps operate every single sterilization operation efficiently. This sliding door ETO sterilizer is a low cost available in varied dimensions to match end user need.

E.T.O Gas Sterilizer

To make the sterilization easier job for the hospitals, pharmaceuticals, laboratories and research center, we are here with the exceptional quality ETO gas sterilizer that enacts sterilization of the respective equipment using ethylene oxide gas and hence is prominent as an ETO gas sterilizer in the market. This ETO gas sterilizer is made of the 304 SS material in accordance to the international quality standards and also tested to ensure its conformity, helping us to obtain truly impeccable gamut of the sterilizer that can outperform low temperature sterilization operations within the shortest possible time. This ETO gas sterilization is jacketed to prevent the leakage and thusly ensures utmost level of safety of the end user. This ETO gas sterilizer has become popular to achieve precise clearance of the microbial contamination, available in an exhaustive range of the dimension at the best prices.

Vessel Sterilizer

The decontamination of the hospital tools is essential after every use in order to reduce the possibilities of disease being spread from one patient to another and to carry out thereof, we are here with a vessel sterilizer that sterilize different tools using the high temperature steam  and hence is also distinguished as an autoclave sterilizer in the market. This vessel sterilizer is made from the best in class quality 304 SS material in accordance to the set cGMP, GMP and ISO standards, exhibiting its highest quality and reliability quotient. The quick and convenient sterilization ability of this vessel sterilizer is a reason for its immense popularity in the market, available in a variegated size and capacity to match assorted specification of the end user.